Study Abroad


Counseling Services

Key Points:

a. Large pool.

b. Customization.

c. Time and Cost saving.

d. Profiling.

e. Career Building

We offer our counselling services to the students who have finished standard 12, Diploma, Graduation, Post Graduation, PhD.


Large Pool: SG4GE service users may choice from large pool of universities and institutes globally.

Customization: SG4GE’s tailored counseling by personal attention (Only one person at a time) gives its users overall guidance and helps decide right pathway to build their career.

Time and Cost Saving: SG4GE’s counseling and session services are online and by face to face as per the consumers time convenience.

Profiling: SG4GE team creates profile for every candidate’s course selection, educational background and socio economic strength to increase the chances of success of the candidate.

Career Building: SG4GE, by providing educational services (guidance) is very helpful for the candidates to  accomplish individual and professional success and meet up their dreams.

We also guide the students for long and short term programs. We costume design short term program abroad to suites the requirements of the students.

Student Visas Application & Documentation Support

Key Features:

a. Guidance about how to prepare documentation and required of documentation

b. visa interview preparation

c. Traveling plan advice

d. Guidance on how to adjust to the new environment while visiting a new country (Dos and Don’ts).

All the students who have taken counselling with will be empowered with the additional information about the country/City they are visiting in and the tactics to survive as students.